This site is for people working at the new DGRI, Mountainhall Treatment Centre,  Nithbank, The Willows, Lochfield Road and Cargen Tower. It’s also useful for anyone who lives and works in Dumfries.

It provides travel advice for people walking, cycling and using the bus to these workplaces. A series of route maps for walking and cycling to these sites from different areas of Dumfries are displayed under the Routes tab.

It is also a noticeboard for walking and cycling events going on for anyone working at these four sites. All events are FREE and details can be found under the Events tab.


We’re working with staff at the new DGRI, Mountainhall Treatment Centre, The Willows and Cargen Tower. Our aim is to help anyone thinking about commuting or travelling for business on foot or by bike to do just that. Check these pages for more details on events we’re running in your workplace.

How we can help: You tell us! Not sure if there’s a way to get from A to B without a car? We can provide: advice on walking or cycling routes, information on bus times, cycle training… Are there facilities or infrastructure improvements that would allow you to walk and cycle? Maybe you know a policy that could be improved to help make active travel part of your working day. Just let us know.

We can’t promise sunshine, but it’s a fact that there’s a 95% chance of NOT getting rained on, on your way to work.